Our Data Security Research in Marketing Turkey Magazine
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Our Data Security Research in Marketing Turkey Magazine

Digitalization, which has caused radical changes in social life and habits, has brought various advantages as well as disadvantages. Data security began to be one of the disadvantages that emerged with digitalization. Especially with the Kovid-19 pandemic, the increased internet shopping made life easier and made the consumer more worried about the sharing of personal data. As a matter of fact, the recent increase in data leakage or theft cases brought with it discussions about whether companies regarding data security have sufficient precautions.

Analyzing the consumer’s view of information sharing and data security in the light of developments related to theft or leakage of data, Aksoy Research answered all the curious questions according to socio-economic status, age and gender distributions.

data security

When the participants were asked about their reading status of the contract presented during the application, it was seen that 57.1% had read it and 42.9% did not. It was determined that as the socioeconomic status decreased and the age distribution increased, the reading rates increased. Looking at the gender distribution, it was seen that the reading rate of female participants was higher than that of men. In the research, 61% of women and 51.8% of men stated that they read contracts. 77.5% of the participants, who stated that they did not read, presented the reason why the contracts were too long. The rate of those who stated that they did not read the contracts because they found the contracts too complicated was 46.6% in this study. The rate of participants who stated that they did not read the contracts because the membership process would not be accepted was 32.5%, and the rate of those who found the contracts technical was 19.1%.

In the question regarding data security, 50.2% of the participants stated that the information they shared is not safe. The rate of those who stated that their information was safe was 27%. Parallel to the decline in socioeconomic status, it was observed that the percentage of consumers who felt unsafe increased. Looking at the age distribution, the opposite situation was encountered. 51% of the participants aged (18-34), 48% of the participants aged (35-54) and 48.6% of the participants (aged 50 and over) stated that the information they shared was safe. It was found that the ratio of male consumers to women was lower than their trust. 53.3% of men and 47.9% of women stated that their information is not safe.

data security

In the last part of the study, it was asked how the participants’ perception of the brand would change in the event of a possible data leak or theft. 78.2% of the participants stated that they would stop using the brand when faced with a scenario in which their information was stolen. The rate of the participants who stated that their trust in the brand will be shaken but they will continue to use it was 18.4%, and the rate of those who stated that their trust in the brand will not be affected was 3.4%. With this result, it has been determined that the consumer attaches great importance to data security in general and that a possible negligence will change their view of the brand.

The research was conducted by Aksoy Research for Marketing Turkey in order to measure the pulse of the voters on current issues.
Timing: 05 April 2021
Data collection method: Mobile Panel (Simultaneous)
Sample: 1067 interviews were conducted with a 95 percent confidence interval and 3 percent margin of error.
Sampling method: Turkey representative gender, NUTS1 region distribution, age, EU, C1 and C2 socioeconomic status quota
was observed.

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