Turkey Monitor 21. Week Results Announced

Turkey Monitor 21. Week Results Announced

In the research carried out on the mobile panel, in 1067 interviews conducted with a 3 percent margin of error in the 95 percent confidence interval, Turkey’s representative gender, NUTS1 regional distribution, age, socioeconomic status and the quota for the 24 June 2018 parliamentary election were taken into consideration.


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According to the results of the research; “Which party would you vote for if there was a parliamentary election this Sunday?” To the question, 15.5 percent of the participants stated that they were ‘decisive’, ‘not wanting to say it’, and ‘not considering voting’. After the undecided votes were distributed, the vote rate of the People’s Alliance was 41.4 percent. The Nation Alliance’s vote rate was 41%. The HDP’s vote rate, which is outside of both alliances, was 9.9 percent.

The AK Party achieved the highest vote rate with 32.3 percent on the basis of the party. The vote rate of the MHP, the other partner of the People’s Alliance, was 9.1 percent. In the last week of May, the second party that reached the highest vote rate was the CHP with 26.3 percent. The other member of the Nation alliance, IYI Party, became the third party with the highest vote rate with 13 percent. In the research, the vote rate of the DEVA Party was 2.5 percent, the Saadet Party was 1.7 percent and the Future Party, led by Davutoğlu, was 1.3 percent.


In the

Turkey Monitor May 2021 survey, participants were asked What do you think is the most important problem of the Turkish economy?. 35.3 percent of the participants in the survey answered that the most important problem of the Turkish economy is “cost of living”.  In the second place, ‘unemployment’ came with 29.3%, followed by ‘inflation’ response with 17.9%.

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In the survey, 55.3 percent of the participants answered the question ‘What is the agenda of the AK Party? To the question, 53.6 percent of the participants answered ‘Expensive of Life’. In the research, when the participants were asked about the agenda of the MHP, 52.2 percent of the participants answered “Closing the HDP”. According to those who participated in the research, the first agenda of the IYI Party was “The Cost of Life” with 50.6 percent. On the HDP’s agenda, the response to the “Kurdish Question” took the first place with a rate of 56.6%.


In Turkey Monitor’s May 2021 report, If you were the President of the Republic of Turkey, in which areas would you work first? 67.4 percent of the participants answered the question as “Solution of Unemployment”; ‘Improving the Economy’ took the second place with 64.4 percent. It was followed by the ‘Price of Life’ promotion with 59.4 percent.


The question Is Turkey getting better or worse? was asked to the respondents. While the rate of those who gave the answer that Turkey is getting worse was 62.7%, the rate of those who thought it was getting better was 18.7%. The rate of those who answered that Turkey is the same was 12.7 percent. 


In the survey, 52 percent of the participants answered the question “How is the AK Party governing Turkey?” It’s stuck at level 3. Answering the same question, 39.2 percent of MHP voters think that the AK Party is mismanaging Turkey. Only 26.4 percent of MHP voters support the view that the AK Party is managing well.


In the Turkey Monitor May 2021 survey, answers were received to the question Do you approve of the way Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is performing his presidency in general terms? While 48.4% of the respondents stated that they did not approve of President Erdoğan’s way of doing his duties, 32 percent answered that he approved. 19.7 percent of the participants answered that they are undecided.

While 67.8% of the AK Party voters approved of President Erdogan’s way of working, only 35.3 percent of the MHP voters, the other component of the People’s Alliance, expressed that they approved of President Erdogan’s style.


In the research, the question Do you think there is a need for early elections when you consider the current conditions in Turkey? was asked. While 51.8% of the participants said there is a need, 33.6% stated that there is no need. 14.6% of the participants answered that they were undecided.


To what extent do you think the presidential system, which came with the referendum, was asked within the scope of the research, how beneficial was it for Turkey?, while 56.1% of the participants said that it was not helpful; Only 23.7 percent of the participants answered that it was helpful.


In the Turkey Monitor May 2021 survey, respondents were asked the question if the same referendum were held again today, would you prefer a parliamentary system or a presidential system?. While 54.5 percent of the participants stated that they preferred the parliamentary system, 27.1 percent answered that they would prefer the presidential system. On the other hand, 18.4 percent of the participants marked the option of being undecided.

In the research, it was remarkable that more than 50 percent of the AK Party voters stated that they wanted to stay in the presidential system. While 50.6% of AK Party voters prefer the Presidential System, this rate drops to 33.3 percent in MHP, another element of the People’s Alliance.


In the research, Cumhuriyet People’s Party made a proposal to the Parliament for the establishment of an investigation commission regarding the purchase of disinfectants by the former Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan from his wife and company that belonged to him during his office. If you were a Member of Parliament, how would you vote on this motion? To the question , 87.2 percent of the respondents answered that they would vote for an investigation. The rate of those who said they would vote for no investigation remained at the level of 12.8 percent.  

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