Turkey Monitor September Survey

Turkey Monitor September Survey

Turkey Monitor September 2020 Survey prepared by Aksoy Research was announced, was the main agenda of the September economy. While 65.9 percent of the respondents said the economy was bad, 87.1 percent stated that the prices “increased a lot”. According to the research, a significant part of the public thinks that the increase in exchange rates increases the prices in the country. Another striking result is that 75.4 percent of the voters think that politics does not produce a solution… The rate of those who think that the media is completely independent is only 8 percent!

It is worth noting that the economy is the agenda of the people in September 2020 results of the ‘Turkey Monitor’ survey, which is regularly announced every month by Aksoy Research. Commenting on the report, Aksoy Research President Ertan Aksoy said: “the Turkish monitor again has information guiding Turkish politics on many issues this month. If we briefly summarize a few basic findings, the pressure created by the economic crisis on the electorate has increased even more. Even in the AKP electorate, where voter participation is high, a critical view of the economy has reached meaningful proportions,” he said. Ertan Aksoy, who noted that the economy, as well as politics, is the most important item on the Turkish agenda, said that the increase in exchange rates and inflation are the issues that the people talk about the most.

75.4 per cent of people think politicians can’t come up with a solution

“To what extent do you think politicians produce solutions to society’s problems?” people’s answers to the question reveal that public confidence in politics has been eroded. 23.1 percent of respondents stated that politicians ‘could not solve at all, while in the 0-4 group, which stated that ‘no solution was produced’, this figure was 62.3 percent.

35.1 percent of CHP voters and 34.3 percent of HDP voters stated that politicians” can not produce any solutions”, while the highest positive party distribution rates stand out in the AK Party and MHP groups. In the general average, politicians ‘ solutions were given 3.5 points out of 10, while the AK Party voter gave an average of 4.8 points and the MHP Voter gave an average of 4.4 points.

The section of the Turkey’s Monitor entitled “Economic Situation”, covering September, indicates a very negative picture. “How do you see the economic situation?“34 percent of respondents gave a score of ‘zero’, describing the situation as” terrible.” Participants were asked to rate the economic situation between 0 and 10. The total of those who gave the question a score of 0-5 was as high as 76.2 percent. In other words, 76.2 percent of people describe the state of the economy as bad.

The ratio of those who described the current state of the economy as excellent was 3.1 percent, while the ratio of those who gave scores between 6-10, who stated that the situation was good overall, was 23.7 percent. Looking at the distribution by party voters, it seems that voters of all parties, except for a part of the AK Party electorate, are not happy with the current situation in the economy. HDP voters stand out in the proportion of those who say the situation is the worst.

Most of the people are worried about exchange rates

Most of the survey participants state that the exchange rate affects prices. “How much do you think the change in the exchange rate affects your purchasing power?” In the answers given to the question, a significant part of people said that as the foreign currency increased, the prices in the country increased. When looking at the distribution by parties, 31.5 percent of AK Party voters, 66.3 percent of CHP voters, 51.9 percent of HDP voters, 36.3 percent of MHP voters, and 62 percent of İYİ Party voters think that the increase in exchange rates “affects the prices very much”.

87.1 percent says prices are up

Another main headline on the September Turkey Monitor, which held the pulse of the public, was inflation. “How much do you think the prices of the products you use in everyday life have changed?“58.2 percent of responses to the question were” very up.” The ratio of the group, which gave a score of 6-10, which stated that prices were rising, is quite high: 87.1 percent…

The group, which says product prices have increased a lot, is the HDP voter with 76.9 percent. This group is followed by CHP voters with 68.3 percent. The change in prices has increased at a lower rate compared to other parties, the group said. In contrast, the average score distribution of AKP voters stood at 7.9. Besides, 47.6 percent of AK Party voters gave 10 points, saying that prices have increased a lot.

The rate of those who think that the media is ‘completely independent’ is only 8 percent.

In the study of perception in society, media independence, Turkey was measured as 3.3 out of 10 overall. At this point, 5 levels of society seem to settle the perception remains below the average of media independence could be called in Turkey. While 35.6 percent of the participants thought that the media was not independent at all, the rate of those who thought that it was completely independent remained at 8 percent.

63.2 percent of voters who voted for parties outside of the center think that the media is not independent at all. The second group, which thinks that the media is not independent at all, consists of the Eli Party, HDP, and CHP voters. While the majority of those who think that the media is independent is AK Party voters, the average score this group gives to media independence is 5.3.

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