Turkey Monitor Week 26 Results Announced

Turkey Monitor Week 26 Results Announced

According to the 26th Week Turkey Monitor research of Aksoy Research, 87.9% of the voters do not find the measures taken to prevent child abuse sufficient. Again, 84.8% of the voters believe that the person who abuses a child will not receive the punishment they deserve.

In Turkey Monitor Week 26 survey, voters were asked to evaluate the prominent issues on the agenda. At the forefront of these issues was the Elmalı Case. The participants were asked two questions: the adequacy of the measures taken regarding child abuse and the adequacy of the penalties given.

Exploiters don’t get the punishment they deserve

87.9% of the respondents stated that the measures taken against child abuse in Turkey are not sufficient. The rate of those who stated that the measures were sufficient was 7.9% in Turkey, while the rate of those who were undecided was 4.2%.

In the second phase of the study, the participants were asked to evaluate the sentences given to the offenders of abuse. The rate of participants who stated that abusers did not receive the punishment they deserve was 84.8% throughout Turkey. The rate of those who stated that they received the punishment they deserved was 10.3%, while the rate of those who were undecided was 4.9%.

There is no benefit from studying in Turkey

In the 26th week of Turkey Monitor, university graduate voters were asked to what extent their education provided an advantage in finding a job. 69.4% of the participants who graduated “30 years and earlier” stated that the education they received was sufficient to find a job by giving a score of 6 or higher. This rate was 59.6% for those who graduated “20-29” years ago, and 34.7% for those who graduated “10-19” years ago. In the last 10 years, it has been revealed that the advantage of education in finding a job has started to disappear. As a matter of fact, while 31.4% of those who graduated “5-9” years ago thought that the education they received provided an advantage in finding a job, this rate decreased to 16.9% among those who graduated in the last four years.

Cumhur’s agenda is CHP and Kılıçdaroğlu

As every week, Aksoy Research analyzed the group conversations of the parties with the word analysis method in the Week 26 Turkey Monitor research. The prominent words in the AK Party’s research this week were the words CHP, Lie and Nation. Based on this result, it was seen that the Chairman of the AK Party, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, planned the group speech with a CHP focus. On the other hand, the Kanal Istanbul project and the problem of Müsilaj also came to the fore at the group meeting.

The words System, University, Youth, Government and Kılıçdaroğlu came to the fore on the agenda of MHP Chairman Mr. Devlet Bahçeli. In this week’s agenda, it was seen that Mr. Bahçeli’s statement about the abolition of university exams was also reflected in the word analysis. When evaluated together as an alliance, it was observed that both parties directly put the main opposition party and its leader on the agenda.

It was noteworthy that the words “Unregistered, Money and Bribery” were predominantly on the agenda of CHP Chairman Mr. It was seen that the allegations made one after another against politics in the last period were reflected in the CHP group speech.

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Sonraki Aksoy Research Founder Ertan Aksoy is the Guest of Cumhuriyet TV

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