Turkey Monitor Week 33 Results Announced

Turkey Monitor Week 33 Results Announced

The results of the 33rd week of the weekly “Turkey Monitor” research conducted by Aksoy Research have been announced. According to the research, the public is very concerned about the wave of immigration from Afghanistan. Dissatisfaction with the government’s policies against the immigration wave from Afghanistan is at high levels even among AK Party and MHP voters.

In Aksoy Research’s Turkey Monitor research, this week, the effects of the wave of immigration from Afghanistan to Turkey as a result of the USA’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan were asked.

In the research carried out on the mobile panel, in 1067 interviews conducted with a 3 percent margin of error in the 95 percent confidence interval, the representative of Turkey gender, NUTS1 regional distribution, age, socioeconomic status and the quota for the 24 June 2018 parliamentary election were taken into account.

Araştırma sonuçlarına göre, Türkiye kamuoyunun yüzde 85,2’si Afgan göçünden endişe duyduğunu belirtiyor; buna karşılık araştırmaya katılanların sadece yüzde 10,2’si durumu endişe verici bulmuyor. “Türkiye’de yaşanan Afgan göçü sizi ne derece endişelendiriyor?” sorusuna AK Parti seçmeninin yüzde 78,5’i, MHP seçmenini ise yüzde 79,4’ü göç dalgasından endişe duyduğunu dile getiriyor. CHP ve İYİ Parti seçmeninde ise bu oran yüzde 90’ın üzerine çıkıyor.

“How satisfied are you with the way the government manages the migration flow from Afghanistan?” 78.4% of the respondents expressed that they are not satisfied with the government’s practices. On the other hand, the rate of those who expressed satisfaction remains only 14.3.

The dissatisfaction with the way the government manages the migration flow draws attention even among the voters of the AK Party and the MHP, which form the People’s Alliance. According to the results of the research, 63.4 percent of AK Party voters and 76.2 percent of MHP voters are not satisfied with the government’s immigration policies. The rate of dissatisfaction among the CHP and IYI Party voters who make up the Nation Alliance is still around 90 percent.

“Taliban, which took control after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, also took control of the capital Kabul. Making statements about Turkey’s situation in Afghanistan, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli said that it was not possible for Turkey to leave Afghanistan. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu warned the government to withdraw from Afghanistan. What do you think Turkey should do about Afghanistan?” While the rate of those who answered the question “Turkey should withdraw from Afghanistan” was 72.4%; The rate of those who said “Turkey should stay in Afghanistan” was 27.6 percent.

While the rate of MHP voters who agreed with Bahçeli’s statement remained at the level of 40.2 percent; The rate of MHP voters who defended the opposite view was 59.8 percent. Even among AKP voters who gave the greatest support for Turkey to stay in Afghanistan, this rate remained below 50 percent; 50.6 percent of AK Party voters support the view of Turkey’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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