Voters: The Response to Forest Fires Is Unsuccessful

The occurrence of forest fires in different parts of the Aegean area caused another environmental management issue in Turkey after the mucilage problem. The central government’s ability to respond to the fires was not enough due to the capacity of fire-fighting vehicles. The authorities announced that the fires were unexpected and the biggest ones in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey Monitor asked voters the response of the central government to forest fires. 62.8% of voters think that the government is unsuccessful by giving a score of 5 and less than 5. The highest rate of success to the central government comes from AK Party voters. 50.1% of AK Party voters think that the response to the forest fires was managed by the government successfully.

The expectation of voters about burning lands was also asked in Turkey Monitor. More than half of voters (56.3%) believe that the fields will be available for the new construction projects while 43.7% believe that they will be forested again.

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