Meal Voucher Research
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Meal Voucher Research

Aksoy’s Research carried out for Marketing Türkiye “Meal Voucher Survey” according to the average of 417.8 per loading the card. 53.2 percent of cardholder employees use this balance for grocery shopping. Employees say they want their cards to be used at more points. So, what are the food card companies that employees use the most and are satisfied with? At which points do food card companies make employees happy and in which cannot meet the expectations?

Most preferred ones listed

Ederned’s Ticket Restaurant card is the most used among food cards with 23.6 percent. The Ticket Restaurant is followed by Multinet (21.2 percent), Sodexo (20.9 percent) Yemekmatik Card (19.2 percent), MetropolCard (1.7 percent) and Paye Card (1.7 percent). In the research, which is observed that satisfaction rates go parallel with the number of uses, Ticket Restaurant provides the highest satisfaction with 79 percent, followed by Multinet with a satisfaction rate of 77.6 percent.

The best meal voucher companies

Ticket Restaurant, which is the first in terms of usage and satisfaction in the research, loses its place to Sodexo, considering the preferences of all participants. Sodexo, which 25.1 percent of the participants stated to be the best meal card, is followed by Multinet with 22.4 percent and Ticket Restaurant with 20.6 percent. The rate of participants who stated that they do not have enough information about which meal voucher is the best is 17.2 percent.

 Meal voucher balance expires the third week of the month

Different amounts are loaded on the cards monthly. 25.1 percent of the respondents say they have a balance between 200 and 399 TL, 21.9 percent between 400 and 499 TL, and 17.2 percent between 500 and 599 TL. In this context, an average of 417.8 TL per month. The ratio of those who make a living with this amount for the whole month is 32.1 percent. 42.8 percent of the majority of the participants stated that the balance on the meal cards managed them until the third week of the month, while 14.4 percent of those who finished in the second week and 10.7 percent of those who consumed their balances in the first week.

Methodology of research

Aksoy Research’s mobile panel Eszamanli paid the TSI, gender according to their regular or casual statistics, age and NUTS 1 of quota within the research, 400 people with a confidence interval of 95 percent and was performed with 2.2 percent margin of error.

The research, which also reveals which features of one meal card put in front of another, also reveals the satisfaction with the meal cards currently used.

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