Well-Known Brand Surveys

Well-Known Brand Surveys

Our company did many well-known brand surveys of the brands such as Kipa, Schafer, Audio, which are some of the most important brands in Turkey.

A well-known brand survey should be carried out in accordance with the criteria set by Turkish Patent Institute. We share a summary of the info about it below. For detailed information, please contact us.


The degree of how well known a brand is among the related part of the public is one criterion to be followed in determining whether a brand is well-known. Documents that can prove the degree of recognition, presented along with the recognition demands by the objectors will be useful in determining the degree of recognition among people. However presenting those documents is not sufficient for a brand to be labeled as well-known.

One of the most important tools to determine the brand’s degree of recognition among people is doing a public survey. The important point here is this type of survey should be carried out by objective, professional and independent firms. In order to get the desired outcomes from the surveys, it is important to choose a sample size that represents the whole population. The better the sample size, the reliable the survey results. On the contrary, the smaller the sample size, the less reliable the results.

In OHIM’s Beachlife decision in 2000, the brand’s study about swimwear products which had a sample size of 157 people was not evaluated, because the sample size did not have sufficient amount of people.

So, surveys that include expert opinions should not be less the 300 people. For other types of surveys, the ideal number of interviews to be made is between 2000-25000.

The conclusive force of surveys is determined by the prestige, the degree of independence of the firms that participate in those studies, the validity and accuracy of the info that they contain and the reliability of the methods used.

There is no reason to be not examined for the surveys which are carried out by independent and reliable institutions and have an ideal sample size and do not contain manipulating questions. Otherwise, survey’ s impact on the recognition decision will decrease because of that.

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