Turkey’s Most Comprehensive E-sports Survey Completed

Turkey’s Most Comprehensive E-sports Survey Completed

Curiously anticipated, complete with stunning results of Turkey’s most comprehensive research of E-sport. Aksoy Research’s on behalf of Marketing Türkiye, the indigenous Zula Esports game platform and has realized in 1917 which includes the Esports player’s “Esports Market Consumer Profile Survey” Esports offers the opportunity to become familiar with the consumers.

Forget all the marketing patterns and communication language you knew before. Because you have to break the routine to reach the profile you are facing. The consumption habits of esports consumers, the budget they spend on esports, their advertising perceptions, and even their perspective on life are among the issues that brands should carefully examine. The way to all this is to get to know the youth who are interested in esports.

Aksoy Research have launched a study on behalf of Marketing Tükiye and 1917, including the esports player “Esports Market Consumer Profile Survey” remotely familiar with the brand offers the opportunity to enter into the mind of the consumer esports.

Overwhelming force in the PC game

Within the scope of the research, “Do you buy digital games?” 66.7 percent of the participants answered yes to the question. So, for which platforms are these games available? The answer to this question is “PC” with a high rate of 89.7 percent of the participants. PlayStation is in second place with 20.2 percent, while mobile games are third with 19.1 percent.

They have expectations from internet ads

One of the most important results of the research is related to internet advertisements. According to e-sports consumers, content is as important as visuality in internet advertisements. Two important criteria come to the fore with 27.1 percent of the answers given to the question “What are you most interested in internet advertisements”; Design/visuality and content. The number of respondents who say “Price information is important” is at a high rate with 21.8 percent.

If there is no game, there are social platforms

Participants spend most of their time on social platforms. In the research, when the players are asked which sites they access on the internet other than games, a large portion of 86.6 percent state that they spend time on social media sites. Participants who say that they have accessed news sites make up 32.1 percent.

Players can’t stay away from games

Another striking result of the research is the time spent on games… “How often do you play games?” 62.9 percent of the participants answer the question “Every day”. The rate of those who say it 6 times a week is only 9.3 percent. As the time interval increases, the resulting percentages also decrease. It seems that the esports players do not want to take a break from the game even for a day.

Players are warm to sponsored brands

Research shows that players are not as far from brands as expected. “When brands sponsor the team you are a fan of, do you feel closer to that brand?” To the participants. When asked, 62.2 percent say “Yes”. The rate of those who say “no” is 37.8 percent.

The methodology of the research:
Aksoy Research carried out for Marketing Türkiye “Esports Market Consumer Profile Survey” was attended by a total of 1,917 people. In the study conducted on the domestic esports game Zula platform, 97.1 percent of male participants and 2.9 percent of female participants were predominantly between the ages of 18-24.

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