Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customers can be traced only by regular and professional surveys. Customer satisfaction surveys are obligatory for the firms that want to protect their existing customers, to increase their spending and to gain new customers through the existing ones.

By customer satisfaction surveys, firms can determine their strong and weak parts for their customers and against their rivals. They can also find out at which areas the need to improve themselves and they are advised to do so.


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Önceki HÜRRİYET: A Striking Research about Syria
Sonraki Well-Known Brand Surveys

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Public Surveys

This type of survey aims to announce the services, policies of public institutions such as municipalities, towns and villages, to find out people’s demands, expectations and to collect their opinions

Secret Customer Research

Service performance and customer relations in a competitive environment are more important than they have ever been. Companies that can detect their weak parts in customer relations and improve them

Well-Known Brand Surveys

Our company did many well-known brand surveys of the brands such as Kipa, Schafer, Audio, which are some of the most important brands in Turkey. A well-known brand survey should

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