Secret Customer Research
10 April 2016 4926 Views

Secret Customer Research

Service performance and customer relations in a competitive environment are more important than they have ever been.

Companies that can detect their weak parts in customer relations and improve them immediately get an important advantage in that competitive environment by strengthening their customers’ loyalty. At this point, secret customer research comes one step forward as the most affordable and the most effective way of measuring the quality of customer relations.

A secret customer research helps you find out the real experiences that your customers have at your stores or at your authorized dealers.

Through secret customer research, you can improve your service quality and increase your number of customers. You can see how appropriate your employees and authorized dealers act to your procedures and rules about customer relations and selling process.

You can improve your employees’ and stores’ selling skills.

You can determine on what your employees and stores need to be trained.

Aksoy Research offers secret customer services along with Turkey’s prominent research companies such as Sonar, Anar, Konda, Piar and Verso.


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