Aksoy Research Founder Ertan Aksoy is the Guest of Cumhuriyet TV
2 August 2021 1484 Views

Aksoy Research Founder Ertan Aksoy is the Guest of Cumhuriyet TV

Aksoy Research Founder Ertan Aksoy answered the questions of Anıl Yağcı from Cumhuriyet TV. He shared the results of the latest survey conducted by Aksoy Research.

Seçmen davranışını etkileyen birçok başlığın kötüye gidiyor olması, seçmenin erken seçim talebinin her geçen gün daha fazla karşılık bulduğunu vurgulayan Ertan Aksoy, “Seçmenin yarısından fazlası yani yüzde 55-60’lık bir grup bugün için erken seçimi gerekli görüyor” ifadelerini kullandı.

Cumhuriyet TV’nin sorularını yanıtlayan Aksoy, şöyle devam etti:

“Erken seçim konuşmaları devam ediyor yeni yapılan çalışmalarda öne çıkan maddeler nelerdir?”

“The question of how the votes of the ruling bloc is in this period contains the most remarkable answers. Researchers generally examine the results they found that month, but try to make analyzes and decisions more on time series. If we look at it from this point of view, there has been a constant loss of votes in the AKP for a long time. This loss cannot be reversed too much.

In the past, while creating areas of tension and trying to reverse it with a deportation operation or another area, today such areas of tension do not solve the problem of the government.

In the measurement we made in September last year, the vote rate of the AKP after the undecided was 38 percent. Now the losing momentum has continued and has reached 31 percent. The same can be said about alliances. Especially as of June, the Nation Alliance has surpassed the People’s Alliance.”

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“According to the reports of Aksoy Research, who will win if there is an election tomorrow?”

“If this Sunday were an election, we would have awakened to the power of the nation alliance. This is very clear for now. The expectation of early elections in the society is increasing day by day. The demand for early elections, which was relatively low especially in the period Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu first voiced, has developed over time. The opposition’s more vocal and resolute stance, as well as the deterioration of many issues that affect voter behavior, especially the economy, ensured that the early election demand of the voters was met more and more. considers early election necessary.

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