New Hygiene Products Research  in Marketing Turkey Magazine

New Hygiene Products Research in Marketing Turkey Magazine

With Covid-19, while the hygiene rules were rewritten, many new products that put hygiene at the center of our lives were added. So, which of these products make the consumer feel safe? How has Turkish people’s understanding of hygiene changed? When it comes to hygiene, which brands does the consumer trust?

Answers on behalf of Marketing Türkiye Aksoy Research’s carried “New Hygiene Products” survey …

“New hygiene products”, which the pandemic has made an important part of our lives, is rapidly moving towards becoming a huge market. While the usage areas of many products from masks to hand disinfectants, from surface cleaners to visors have expanded, the new products of the brands for these areas have also stimulated the market more than ever. The market, where relatively medium-sized companies used to operate, suddenly turned into a competitive field for giant brands.

Brand is not important in the selection of masks

When the participants are asked to what extent they give importance to the brand in the selection of masks, 20.3% say “I care” and “I care”, while the rate of those who say they do not give importance to the brand when choosing a mask is 69.2%.

The brand is very important in the selection of disinfectants!

When the participants are asked to what extent they attach importance to the brand in the selection of disinfectants, a quite different picture emerges compared to the mask category. Because 76.3 percent of the participants state that they attach importance to the brand when it comes to disinfectant. The rate of those who do not care about the brand is 11.7 percent.

The visor used for corona is not preferred.

A significant proportion of people (69.7 percent) state that they do not use the visor used for corona in daily life. Only 2.2 percent of the participants state that they always use the visor used for corona in their daily lives.

Disposable mask is in demand

When we look at the use of mask type, it is seen that disposable masks are at the top with 82.3 percent. Reusable masks are preferred at a rate of 17.2 percent.

The majority change their mask with every use

For those who prefer reusable masks, this rate is; It changes with every use (25.4 percent), once a day (36 percent), every other day (19.3 percent) or every 3-5 days (14.0 percent).

When asked the question for those who use disposable masks  “How often do you change the mask you use?” They say they change their masks with every use (49.3 percent) or once a day (33.5 percent).

Hygiene is more important than comfort

When purchasing a mask, participants mostly attach importance to a 3-layer surgical mask (76.0 percent), mask wire (60.6 percent), antibacterial properties (44.7 percent), and blocking dust and pollen (34.2 percent). Apart from these answers, the responses of “fitting the face well” (0.3 percent), “having a solid mask rubber” (0.2 percent) and “not hurting the ear” (0.2 percent) are also prominent.

Women are more cautious

Participants “Do you clean your hands with disinfectant after touching any surface while you are outside?” 6.3 percent answered “no”, 19.3 percent “rarely”, 39.2 percent “mostly” and 35.2 percent “always”. Especially in women, the need for disinfection after the use of disinfectants and the foreign surfaces they come into contact with is much more than male participants.

The number one disinfectant travel companion

“Do you carry disinfectant with you?” 18.7 percent of the participants answered “I am sending”. 56.5 percent answer (24.7 percent) and always (31.8 percent).

Pharmacies, the epicenter of hygiene products!

Hygiene products are generally purchased from pharmacies (58.7 percent), markets (43.5 percent), online (24.8 percent), shops selling cleaning supplies (22.5 percent), and grocery stores (6.5 percent). Some participants stated that the companies they work with (2.2 percent) undertake the supply of the necessary hygiene products. The fact that online orders are 30.4 percent for women and 19.3 percent for men shows that e-commerce, which has become the main business channel of every sector, has not yet reached a significant level in hygiene products.

Existing hygiene products cannot provide sufficient protection!

The vast majority think that existing hygiene products in the market (masks, disinfectants, visors, etc.) partially (68.2 percent) provide adequate protection. 20 percent of the respondents believe that they provide adequate protection, 11.8 percent believe that they do not provide sufficient protection.

Innovation expected from Domestos

So, from which brands does the consumer expect new products for new hygiene products? According to the research, Domestos with 6.8 percent, Eczacıbaşı with 4.3 percent, Activex with 3.5 percent, Evony with 3.5 percent, Boron with 3.2 percent and Eyüp Sabri Tuncer with 2.5 percent are expected to introduce new products to the market. brands. 12.8 percent of the participants do not expect any brand.

First choice “Evony”

As the hygiene brand most liked by the participants, the brand Evony takes first place with 25.7 percent. Activex (8.3 percent), Borel (4.5 percent), Domestos (2.5 percent), Konix (2.3 percent), Mask (1.8 percent), and Lysol (1.7 percent) brands is following.

The most reliable brands are “Evony, Activex and Borel”

“Which brand (mask, disinfectant, visor, etc.) do you trust most when it comes to hygiene?” The answer is mostly Evony (22.2 percent), followed by Activex (9.2 percent) and Borel (4.5 percent).

Research Methodology

The “new hygiene products” research conducted by Aksoy research for Marketing Türkiye was carried out in Aksoy Research’s Mobile Panel, Eşzamanli. Within the scope of the study, 600 interviews were conducted at a 95 percent confidence interval, with an error margin of ± 4 percent. In the study, gender, age and NUTS1 region quota was applied, taking into account the ADNKS data of TURKSTAT.

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