MİLLİYET: Future Promising Majors
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MİLLİYET: Future Promising Majors


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Civil Aviation and Management Information Systems are the top two future promising programs

Nişantaşı University and Aksoy Research’s “Young Students’ Occupation Preferences” research put some striking results about students’ future expectations. According to the research, civil aviation and MIS are the most future promising majors among the most popular professions. 9,8% of the prospect university students defined civil aviation and 7,5% defined informatics as the most popular and future promising majors. While civil aviation and transportation management have the highest rate among aviation majors, management information systems is the most preferred major in informatics. According to the research, 6,6% of females feel closer to aviation and 7,8% of males feel closer to informatics. While females’ preferences after aviation are economy and finance, males’ preference after informatics is aviation sector.

Nişantaşı University’s rector Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin stated that global competition in technology and innovation keeps the demand for informatics employment high and said “In a world that daily life and companies’ all processes are on virtual platforms, world economy would collapse without the systems and programs developed by computer engineers. High technology products that will decrease the production costs will be produced by our young people’s efforts who work in informatics sector. If we want to become a country that is a center of attraction, we will make this through the opportunities offered by informatics sector. In the next years, 4,5 billion people in the world will want to receive a service related to informatics sector. This situation confirms that informatics need extra attention and developments that have high added values need to be created. We can find the necessary leap to become one of the largest 10 economies of the world as our 2023 goal with the informatics sector help.

Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin emphasized that all global and macroeconomic developments and trends are very important for service, tourism and aviation sectors and highlighted the importance of the increase in the number and ratio of employed people especially in India and China and in E7 countries, which Turkey is also a member of, their foreseen economic developments and growths in the short run.

Alkin stated that countries with high economic capacities will be very important for tourism sector in the short and middle run and added “In the last 11-12 years, macroeconomic reforms, successes in financial and commercial areas in Turkey brought forward the aviation sector just like they did to other sectors. Fast development of this sector created a need for qualified personnel. Turkey should train qualified personnel that meet the requirements of our aviation sector and pay attention to micro planning and reforms in raw materials supply optimization from both internal and external sources and minimization of transportation costs.”

Prof. Dr. Alkin emphasized that their goal is to train future’s managers for every sector and said “As Nişantaşı University, we carry on our studies about Turkey’s higher education students’ and the prospect ones’ occupation preferences. Our university’s 1+4+1 system serves to this goal. Students that choose Nişantaşı University get a free MBA depending on their management and leadership goals, for one year after they completed 1 year of English preparatory class and 4 years of major education during which they can improve themselves. This way, our students come one step forward of their rivals in the business area.

Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin said they aim to educate and train young people who can see the two sides of a coin, who can put innovation at the forefront to make the public life easier and have knowledge in more than one area. He also said “Now, students prefer pre-undergraduate and graduate programs that they can become professionals in two critical areas such as economy and finance, international trade and logistics, public relations and promotion, civil aviation and transportation management, MIS and brought them forward. As being still popular majors, engineering and architecture students also take professional management education which we can describe it as Executive MBA, after they completed their undergraduate programs. It is important for students to become brand-like. Our young people should reach the levels at which they can design their own projects and sell them.”


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