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The Cause of Mucilage: Not Taking Enough Precaution

87.1% of the voters are concerned about the mucilage problem, while 80.7% think that the problem occurs because adequate precautions are not taken.

Turkey faced a major environmental problem. The mucilage, which emerged in the Marmara Sea and gradually increased, began to spread in the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. While the cleaning works initiated by both the central government and local governments continue, there are curiosities about the source of the problem.

Turkey Monitor asked voters about mucilage. 92.8% of participants stated that they know the mucilage problem. 87.1% of participants who know the problem mention their worries by giving more than a score of 6.

Critics against the central government environment policy increased with mucilage problem. Environment experts and opposition parties declare insufficient precautions as a reason for mucilage in the Marmara Sea. The central government does not accept critics and considered mucilage as a natural phenomenon. Turkey Monitor used these two discourses in the survey and asked voters which one is the real reason for the mucilage problem. The real reason for 80.7% of total participation is insufficient precautions while 11.8% of them think that it is a natural phenomenon. The rate of participants who have no idea is 7.5%.

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