Turkey’s socialization platform: Tea
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Turkey’s socialization platform: Tea

We identify with the culture we belong to and see tea as a value that makes us who we are. When we say chat, friendship, peace, happiness, family, we say “then let’s brew a tea”. Because Aksoy Research’s carried out for Marketng Türkiye “Tea Consumption Culture Survey” also have evidence of this passion … According to the survey say tea means a socializing tool. While some of the participants answered “I drink more than once a day” when asked about their tea consumption, the number of those who say “never without tea” is quite high.

We are a nation that can express all our emotions with tea. “We ordered two teas there, one is open, I wish I loved you just for that,” says the poet. “Shake everything but brew the tea” says the scriptwriter. Do we stop without humor; “If 75 out of 100 of the human body is water, ours is tea water,” says tea lovers. These examples are not the ending Turkey’s tea passion … to understand Turkey’s tea passion, to analyze the consumption of tea, the name expresses the feelings of tea expressed Aksoy Research, for Marketing Türkiye, “Tea Consumption Culture Research” was launched. Turkey’s love for tea in numbers is in this research.

Tea is remembered with its hometown

Research shows that when it comes to tea, 20.3 percent of the participants think of the “Black Sea”. The “habit” answer that comes to mind with 15.2 percent is followed by “pleasure” with 15 percent. Along with tea, breakfast, conversation, friendship and happiness are among the concepts that become concrete in mind.

Tea means winter

When the participants are asked in which season they consume the most tea, the answer is “winter season”. Of course, this is not a surprising result, tea is also a reason for the preference for warming cold hands during the winter months… According to the research, the number of participants who said “I drink tea most in winter” is 80.3 percent, followed by “summer” with 10 percent. does.

Tea is most consumed in the morning

Participants of the research “Which part of the day do you consume tea most?” As can be guessed in the question, morning and evening answers stand out from the others. While the rate of those who reply “in the morning” is close to 50 percent, the rate of those who say “I drink tea in the evening hours” is around 27 percent.

There are those among us who can’t do without tea

The research also sheds light on the passion for tea. While 44.3 percent of the participants stated that they drink more than one tea a day, the rate of those who say “I cannot do without tea” is 41.3 percent. Those who say “I do not drink unless it is served” are among the 14.3 percent. Besides, those who drink because they like tea constitute 75 percent of the research, while the rate of those who say “habit” is 18.2 percent.

Ajda Pekkan’s touch to tea culture

According to the results of the research, 59.2 percent of tea lovers, who drink 8 cups of tea a day, prefer “thin waist”. Among the results, while the cup lovers are 21 percent, the rate of those who prefer the “Ajda tea glass” inspired by the famous artist Ajda Pekkan is 9.5 percent.

We don’t like green tea

Tea ranks first with 58 percent in the list of the most popular hot beverages. Turkish coffee follows it with 24.8 percent, instant coffee/filter coffee options are the third favorite drink with 8.5 percent. Healthy occur if known and understood by providing green tea to keep fit so unpopular in Turkey. Green tea ranks last in the hot drinks category with 1.2 percent.

Tea is 3 times more preferred than coffee

“Let’s say you went to a cafe and you have the chance to choose one of two drinks; which one would you choose? ” When asked, we see that tea has an overwhelming advantage in the answers. In the question of comparing tea with other alternatives, tea outscores even its closest competitor, coffee, 3 times.

We do not care about packaging when buying tea

In another part of the Tea Consumer Culture Research conducted by Aksoy research’s for Marketing Türkiye, consumers ‘ preferences for buying tea are discussed. According to research results, 39.7 percent of participants pay attention to the quality of the product, 31 percent to the fact that they have already tried the product, and 10 percent to the brand of tea.

Home is the place where tea smoke smokes the most

Another data from the study shows that the place where tea is most consumed in the House. Participants were asked “ ” Where do you drink the most tea?”63.7 percent of the answers to the question point to the house. The proportion of drinkers at work is 27.8 percent.

83.8 percent of consumers buy tea from the supermarket

So, where do we buy the most tea? According to research results, 83.8 percent of participants shop for tea in a supermarket or hypermarket, while the grocery store ranks second with 12.2 percent. 1.8 percent of respondents said they bought the tea from a wholesaler.

3 in 4 of participants consume takeaway tea

In the study, participants were also asked what type of packaging they received the tea by. 75.5 percent of takeaway tea is the most preferred packaging type of participants. It is followed by teapot tea with 12.5 percent, leaky tea with 6 percent, and cup tea with 3.3 percent.

Methodology of Research: Research conducted for Marketing Türkiye Aksoy Research’s “Tea Consumption Culture Survey” 16 + 55 age range, 50 percent of women joined 600 people, including 50 percent of men. The research has been carried out in Turkey to be represented at the NUTS-1 region, age to be determined according to the target audience, gender and SES quotas were applied.

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