Data Security Research

Digitalization, which has caused radical changes in social life and habits, has brought various advantages as well as disadvantages. Data security began to be one of the disadvantages that emerged

Our Latest Research: Yavaş, İmamoğlu and Akşener Ahead Against Erdoğan

Results of the “Turkey Monitor” research conducted by Aksoy Research on a weekly basis have been announced. In a possible Presidential election, Mansur Yavaş, Ekrem İmamoğlu and Merak Akşener lead the race against Erdoğan. While the belief that the People’s Alliance will win the election was broken; The rate of

Latest Research Announced: Tighten Covid-19 Measures

The last survey conducted by Aksoy Research was announced: While the emphasis on the need to tighten Covid-19 measures in all political party voters came to the fore; MHP voters are the group least afraid of getting caught in Covid-19. In the Turkey Agenda study published weekly by Aksoy Research,

New hygiene products research is online

With Covid-19, while the hygiene rules were rewritten, many new products that put hygiene at the center of our lives were added. So, which of these products make the consumer feel safe? How has Turkish people’s understanding of hygiene changed? When it comes to hygiene, which brands does the consumer

Internet Shopping or Store Shopping?

As Aksoy Research Company, we would like to share with you a survey of consumer behavior and occasions of shopping which only takes 2-3 minutes. No name information is requested