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Data Security Research

Digitalization, which has caused radical changes in social life and habits, has brought various advantages as well as disadvantages. Data security began to be one of the disadvantages that emerged

Meal Voucher Research

Aksoy’s Research carried out for Marketing Türkiye “Meal Voucher Survey” according to the average of 417.8 per loading the card. 53.2 percent of cardholder employees use this balance for grocery shopping. Employees say they want their cards to be used at more points. So, what are the food card companies

NN Group preferred Aksoy Research

NN Group, one of the leading companies in the field of Private Pension and Insurance, has preferred Aksoy Research since the beginning of 2020. It is a great pleasure for us that our customer portfolio is growing stronger. We wanted to share it with you too. 🙂

Thanks to Our New Customers Who Prefer Us

Thank you to our customers who chose us for their

Turkey’s socialization platform: Tea

We identify with the culture we belong to and see

Strong Brand Perception of Turkey

Durability and robustness have become one of the most important

Turkey’s Most Comprehensive E-sports Survey Completed

Curiously anticipated, complete with stunning results of Turkey’s most comprehensive

Consumption Habits Of Nationalist Consumers

In recent years, Turkey nationalism rather summit made case. On

Top Reviews


Our June 7th Elections Predictions and The Results

Political surveys are not in out professional area, however the results in the table are as follows… Now please take a moment and think about what kind of good things we can do in our professional area that is marketing surveys, together with you..

Using Smart Phones Is At the Level of Addiction

We became social media addicts as the whole country The first step of the survey series to take the pulse of people, which was initiated by aksoy research, was published in december. Surveys about different topics such as turkish people’s values, opinions, and behaviors will be shared with the public regularly. According to the first one of those surveys which

Current Accounts Deficit Report

The Economists Platform asked the top 1000 companies in ISO list about what the most important problem in Turkish economy is. The survey which was initiated by Aksoy Research and Bloomberg HT presented interesting results. – 86,67% of the top 1000 companies stated that they do exports. This way, we can deduct that most of the companies in Turkey, are